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Open Internal Medicine Positions

Internal medicine revolves around diagnosing, treating, and preventing internal diseases and illnesses. Internal medicine doctors (aka internists) are trained in several fields to understand better the complex range of chronic and acute conditions a patient may suffer. Most importantly, they know everything about the human body and the functions of all the organs.

For instance, when a patient contracts a multi-system disease affecting several different organs, the internal medicine doctor knows how to identify the disease and how it affects the organs and the body. Identifying these diseases can require comprehensive physical examinations and long-term consultations with patients.

People suffering from one or more health conditions will need long-term treatment from internal medicine doctors due to the uniqueness and complexities of their diseases. That is why most primary care physicians specialize in internal medicine because they regularly treat and consult the same patients.

Internal medicine doctors can provide patients with the following treatment services:

  1. Accurate diagnoses of chronic or acute diseases and illnesses
  2. Effective treatment for reducing the symptoms of diseases and illnesses
  3. Counseling and guidance on preventing the condition from progressing and worsening
  4. Preventative measures to avoid developing dangerous diseases and illnesses
  5. Long-term care and treatment
  6. May specialize in treating mental and physical health disorders

Internal medicine doctors may also work in hospital settings to offer inpatient care to people who need it the most. Other facilities you may find internal medicine doctors include health clinics, long-term care facilities, and physical rehabilitation centers. Adults are the typical patients of internal medicine doctors.

Don’t confuse internal medicine doctors with family doctors because they have slightly different specializations. For instance, family medicine doctors may have several disciplines, such as gynecology, senior care, pediatric care, skin health, weight management, etc.

Internal medicine doctors receive more specialized training to diagnose, treat, and prevent many diseases facing adults. Family medicine doctors have a broader range of practices to address common health issues in these fields. But anyone suffering from chronic or acute conditions will benefit more from the specialized treatments offered by internal medicine doctors.

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The American Board of Internal Medicine is the most popular organization issuing board certifications to internal medicine doctors in various subspecialties. These could be subspecialties like infectious diseases, sports medicine, critical care medicine, cardiovascular diseases, pulmonary diseases, etc.

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