FM Looking for PGY-2 PM&R or Sports Heavy FM Program

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Family Medicine
Howdy guys, title pretty much says it all. I'm an intern in FM and I have had the intention of going into sports med since applying but I've grown to realize I just don't have a true passion for inpatient, OBGYN and some of the other things we do in FM. I thought I could tolerate those things for the 3 years but it really just has been draining on me. I do enjoy my continuity clinic, though. I am most passionate about MSK and outpatient procedures, as that is all I truly am motivated to study. Not to mention, at my program, I don't feel like I am getting properly educated in either (although I know I would get much more in fellowship). I believe I would perhaps be happier and feel better trained for some aspects of sports med if I would have gone into PM&R.
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